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EMPR – GMP Series

Multi-Protection Wide and adjustable current setting range Adjustable trip time (trip class 5-10-15-20-30) Various connection way Screw connection & Separate mount, Direct mount, Passing through CT holes & Separate mountable on 35mm DIN rail or with screws 1C, 1NO+1NC trip contacts Manual reset as standard (Automatic reset optional) Indicate the cause of the fault by the LEDs

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Model GMP22 -2P GMP22 -2P(1a1b) GMP22 -3P/3PR GMP22 -2S GMP22 -3S/3SR GMP22 -2T GMP22 -3T/3TR
Type Pin type Screw type Tunnel type
No. of CT 2CT 2CT 3CT 2CT 3CT 2CT 3CT
Protection Overcurrent
Phase failure  Note1)