iXP Series

Convenient control with a single touch! A user-oriented interface, enhanced performance, and soft and quick screen switching and responses speed to touch! Meet iXP series of LS ELECTRIC that genuinely and fully connects humans with the equipment.








High Speed

High-performance 1GHz CPU is installed to improve data and screen switching speed, and Windows CE 6.0 Professional OS is adopted to execute NET-based external applications.


Large Memory

Large device memory is provided to save mass data.

Presence Sensor

To control the backlight, the sensor detects movement within 1m, ensuring longer life of the product.

More Colorful

High luminance/resolution LCD with an LED backlight and 24 bit colors to express clear and vivid colors of 16,777,216.

1 Respective Front USB Host/Device Channel
  • An additional USB host channel is installed in the front panel.
  • A front USB host is used to connect to a USB memory, mouse, and keyboard.
  • A front USB device port is used to change the XP-Runtime without opening a control panel or download/upload the drawing file created using XP-Builder.





Sound Output Function(For all iXP models)
  • The sound files (wav, mp3) registered using XP-Builder can be output to speakers connected to HMI.
  • An alarm is generated via speakers to warn the operator.
  • Up to 512 sound files can be saved.





Function to use SD Cards

iXP supports additional SD memory cards along with previous USB memory to diversify backup means.

Presence Sensor (For all iXP models)
  • The XP presence sensor detects movement within 1m to turn on the backlight.
  • When not in use, it turns OFF the screen to maintain a longer lifespan of the backlight.




Item Description Standard
Ambient temperature 0℃∼+50℃
Storage temperature -20℃∼+60℃
Ambient humidity 10∼85%RH, without dew condensation
Storage humidity 10∼85%RH, without dew condensation
Vibration resistance Occasional vibration Counts
Frequency Acceleration Amplitude 10 times each direction
(X, Y and Z)
IEC 61131-2
5≤ f < 9㎐ 3.5mm
9≤ f ≤ 150㎐ 9.8m/s2
Continuous vibration
Frequency Acceleration Amplitude
5≤ f < 9㎐ 1.75mm
9≤ f ≤ 150㎐ 4.9m/s2
Shock resistance Maximum shock acceleration: 147m/s2 (15g)
* Authorization time: 11ms
* Pulse waveform: Half-sine wave (3 times each of X, Y and Z) *
IEC 61131-2
Vibration resistance Square wave impulse noise DC: ±1,200V AC: ±1,800V LSIS Standards
Electrostatic discharge ±4kV (Contact discharge) IEC 61131-2,
IEC 61000-4-2
Radiated electromagnetic field noise 80 ~ 100MHz, 10V/m IEC 61131-2,
IEC 61000-4-3
Fast transient/Burst noise Power Module: 2 kV, Communication Interface: 1kV IEC 61131-2,
IEC 61000-4-4
Operating ambience Free from corrosive gas and excessive dust
Altitude 2,000m (6,562ft) or below
Pollution degree 2 or under
Cooling method Natural air-cooling
Animation GIF format support
Recipe Support
Data logging Support
Script Launcher Support
Standard Certification CE, KC, UL, IECEx, ATEX, KCs
Protection standard IP66, Conform to the UL type 4x, NEMA 4x standard
Explosion proof Ex nA IIC T5 Gc, Ex tc IIIC T100℃ Dc IP64
Dimension (mm) 240 × 180 × 60 271 x 212 x 60 313 × 239 × 60 395 × 294 × 66
Panel cut (mm) 228.5 x 158.5 259.0 x 201.0 301.5 x 227.5 383.5 x 282.5
Power iXP2-xxxxA : AC100 / 240V, iXP2-xxxxD : DC24V
Power consumption (W) 25 25 30 30
Weight(Kg) 1.87 2.35 3.0 4.6
Specific conditions of use 1. The equipment presents a potential electrostatic hazard. Clean only with a damp cloth.
2. The device shall be installed in an enclosure that maintains an ingress protection rating of at least
IP54 and meets the enclosure requirements of IEC 60079-0 and IEC 60079-15.
3. Must be installed in accordance with EN 60079-14.
4. Do not connect or separate plugs and sockets while an explosive atmosphere is present.
5. Keep out of direct sunlight
Item iXP50-TTA/DC iXP70-TTA/DC
Display Type TFT color LCD
Screen Size 21.3cm (8.4″) 26.4cm (10.4″) 30.7cm (12.1″) 38.1cm (15″)
800×600 pixel(SVGA) 800×600 pixel(SVGA) 800×600 pixel(SVGA) 1,024×768 pixel(SVGA)
Color Indication 16-bit and 24-bit Color (default: 16-bit Color)
Indication Degree Left/Right: 80 deg.
Up: 80 deg.
Down: 60 deg.
Left/Right: 80 deg.
Up: 60 deg.
Down: 80 deg.
Backlight LED Type
Backlight Duration 70,000 hours 60,000 hours
Brightness 500 cd/㎡ 700 cd/㎡ 550 cd/㎡ 800 cd/㎡
Touch Panel 4-Line type, analog
Sound Output Magnetic buzzer (85dB)
Process ARM Cortex-A8 Core (32bit RISC), 1GHz
Memory Flash 512MB(display 128MB) 1GB(display 128MB)
Operation RAM 256MB 512MB
Backup RAM 1MB
Backup Data Date/Hour data, Logging/Alarm/Recipe data and nonvolatile device
Batter Duration Approx. 3 years (Operating ambient temperature of 25°…)
Ethernet 1 channel, 10/100BASE-TX
USB Host 3 channels, USB 2.0 host (mouse, keyboard, printer* and USB memory driver is available)
1 channel, USB 2.0 slave (for download and upload project file)
RS-232C 1 channel
RS-422/485 1 channel, RS-422/485 mode
SD Card 1 Slot (SDHC)
Human Sensor Detection range: side 1-1.5m, front 40-50cm
Angle: high/low 100°, left/right 140° (detecting 5-20 micron infrared light)
Audio Output LINE-OUT 1 channel
Expansion Module For communication and I/O option module (available later)
VM Module 4 channels video input (available later)
Multi-language Up to 12 language simultaneously
Animation GIF format is available
Recipe available
Data Logging available
Script Executor available
Certifications CE, UL(cUL), KC
Protection Standard IP65
Dimension (mm) 240.5 × 180.0 × 54.4 270.5 × 212.5 × 60.0 313.0 × 239.0 × 56.0 395.0 × 294.0 × 60.0
Panel Cut (mm) 228.5 × 158.5 259.0 × 201.0 301.5 × 227.5 383.5 × 282.5
Rated Voltage DC24V DC12/24V(AC 100-240V)
Consumption (W)
30.8 42.3 42.3 42.3
Weight (kg) 1.9 2.2 2.4 3.9




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