LS Electric

As a leader in power solutions and automation solutions, LS ELECTRIC has become a global leader.

2021 – 2005

Value Management

Opening up the future of smart energy

2020.03 Changed the company name to LS Electric

2020.02 Selected as a Top 100 Global Innovator for ninth consecutive year

2020.12 Took over ESS unit of North America’s ESS leader Parker-Hannifin

2020.03 Named one of the world’s top 100 business in patent applications in Europe

2020.04 Acquried the MW ESS PCS North America UL certification for the first time in the world


2013.11 Awarded the Korea Quality Grand Adward

(39th National Quality Competition)

2011.10 Completed Busan HVDC factory

2009.10 Established Europe’s Amsterdam subsidlary



2008 – 2014

Growth & Innovation

Takeoff as a global leader

1996 – 2007

Era of Challenge

Become the leader in the Korean power and automation sectors

2000.082007.11 Awarded the Best Korean Company Award for the first time

2006.11 Awarded the Korea National Quality Grand Award

(32nd National Quality Competition)

2003.11 Spun off into LS Corporate Group

2000.08 Power Testing & Technology Institute (PT&T) accredited as a Testing and Calibration Laborator

1997.06 Established Vietnam’s Hanoi subsidiary


1995.02 Changed the company name to LG Industrial Systems

1987.03 Changed the company  name to Goldstar Industrial Systems Co., Ltd

1974.07 Established Lucky Packing Co., Ltd


1974 – 1995

Era of Beginning

Pioneered the power and automation industries in Korea


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