Intelligent Digital Motor Protection Relay

• Definite/Inverse time option and various protection methods
• Storage of causes of failure
• Separated display part using cables
• MODBUS communication, 4~20mA DC output
• Operating time displayed for each model





  • Integrated Digital Motor Protection Relay based on MCU(Microprocessor Control Unit)
  • Applicable to invertor circuits
  • A function to store the cause(s) of failure/fault exists
  • Up to five motor failure events may be saved in the system so that failure history may be easily identified
  • Communication function
  • A wide range of reset functions
  • Date information display
  • Password setting
  • Total operating time and operating time setting
  • Terminal/Penetrated types are shared for application in various installation environments
  • Thermal inverse time, inverse time, and definite time modes
  • Three-phase digital ampere-meter
  • Various protection elements and additional functions
  • High reliability
  • Inverse time characteristic for motor protection


Rating Specification
Communication code 1 ~ 247
Communication speed 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600 bps
Communication parity None, Even, Odd
Fixed to 1bit 1bit
Communication data swap Limited to float, long data of Off / On (0x04 (Read input registers))
Rating Specification
Protection funtions Overcurrent, phase fail, phase unbalance, stall, locked rotor, reverse phase,
ground fault (Type option)Instance (Type option)
Connection method Penetrated / Terminaltype
Operating time characteristics Thermal heat build-up inverse time / Non-thermal heat build-up inverse time / Definite time
Rated current 0.5~6A/5~65A(Rating option upon placing an order)
Display 4 digit, 7-Segment
Operating power AC/DC 85~260V(50Hz/60Hz)
Reset method Automatic 1~20min (only for overcurrent)
Manual (Electrical reset)
Installation / Mounting method Display can be installed separately, 35mm DIN rail / Screw installation
Tolerance Current ±3%
Time ±5%
4~20mA output ±5%
Time setting Startup delay 1~200sec
Operation delay 1~60sec
Aux. contact Composition 3-SPST(Power supply 1a1b, i nstantaneous operation 1a)
Capacity 3A/250VAC Resistive Load
Contact minimum load 100mA / 6VDC : (95-996, 97-98)
10mA / 5VDC ( 07-08)
ZCT Input External 200mA/100mV(Exclusive ZCT)
Built-in Support (Separate connection unnecessary
Service environment Service temperature -20℃ ~ 60℃
Storage temperature -30℃ ~ 70℃
Relative humidity Below 50% RH (Without condensation)
Insulation resistance 100MΩ/500VDC
Lightning impulse voltage 1.2X50us 5kV Prototype waveform supply
Fast transient 2kV/1Min
Power consumption Below 2W


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