Smart Electronic Motor Protection Relay

• Current, Voltage, Power Measurement, and Power Factor Protection
• Instantaneous interruption compensation and restarting
• Harmonic measurement (1st to 16th)
• Modbus communication and 4~20mA




  • Comprehensive digital motor protection relay with the MCU (microprocessor control unit)
  • Applicable to inverter circuits
  • Function to store the cause(s) of failure/fault
  • One-body type and separate body type
  • Communication function (RS485 modbus and 4~20ma output)
  • A wide range of reset functions
  • Date information display
  • Password setting
  • Total operating time and operating time setting
  • Wide setting of ground fault current sensitivity 30ma~25a
  • Thermal heat build-up inverse time/inverse time/definite time selection function
  • Wide setting range and dual protection
  • The device may be used without external CT up to 100A, providing convenience and cost-effective solution
  • Various motor starting modes
  • Metering of current, voltage, and energy (with 1% accuracy for A & V)
  • Carries out complex relay functions related to current, voltage, energy, and power factor
  • Self-diagnosis and sequence monitoring
  • Power loss and restarting
  • Frequent-starting protection


Function Range Accuracy(%) Remarks
Voltage (V) 0.00V~9999V ±1.0% Phase1 : Phase voltage,
Phase3 : Line voltage
Current (A) 0.00V~9999V ±1.0% Phase current
Zero-phase current (In) 0.00V~9999V ±3.0%
Reverse current (I2) 0.00V~9999V ±3.0%
Active power (W) 0.000W~999.9MW ±1.0% Forward
Reactive power (VAR) 0.000W~999.9MVAR ±1.0% Forward
Active power amount (WH) 0.000W~999.9MWH ±1.0%
Reactive power amount (WVARH) 0.000W~999.9MVARH ±1.0%
PF -1.00~1.00 ±0.03 cosθ
Voltage hamonics (%) 0~100% ±5.0% 2nd -16th odd harmonics
Current hamonics (%) 0~100% ±5.0% 2nd -16th odd harmonics
Rating Specification
Communication number 1~247
Baud rate 9600, 19200, 38400 bps
Communication Parity None, Even, Odd
Stop Bit 1bit (fixed)
Communication data swap OFF / ON (Limited to float, long data of 0x04 (Read Input Registers))
Operation mode Differential
Communication distance Max. 1.2km
Cable RS-485 Shielded Twist 2-Pair Cable
Transmission Method Half-Duplex–
Max. In/Output Voltage -7V~+12V


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