Susol UL ACB

Susol UL Air Circuit Breaker

Premium Susol UL ACB meets your demands for high breaking capacity, full line-up to 6000A, and all-in optimized frame sizes for panel design. Susol UL VCB provides total solutions with an advanced trip relay for measurement, diagnosis, analysis, and communication, as well as protective functions for a complete protective coordination and electric power monitoring system.

Product Overview


Main Specification


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Product Overview

Susol UL ACB series are UL listed and ANSI certified low voltage power air circuit breaker UA series. Up to 6000A, Susol UL ACB provides a full line up of 3 compact frame sizes, and enables users to design panels of optimal volume.

More Info

  • Modular design and compact size to satisfy the need for compact sized panels.
  • Interchangeable trip unit and rating plug : Easy to modify rated current without CT replacement.
  • User convenience : Various connection types for main circuit terminals and easy installation of accessories.
  • Intelligent trip relay provided: Various advanced functions for protection, measurement, diagnosis, analysis, and communication.

Main Specification

Ratings :  up to 6000A
Rated short circuit current :  up to 130kA/508Vac
N phase current conduction capacity : 100%
Standards : UL 1066, ANSI C37


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