DC UL Switch-Disconnector

DC UL Switch-Disconnector

Premium DC UL Switch-Disconnectors provide optimization products for DC system applications such as UPS, PV, and ESS. The full line Susol DC Series are able to meet the demands of the renewable market such as increasing power generation capacity and high DC Voltage.

Product Overview


Main Specification


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Prouct Overview

UL DC Switch-Disconnector series are low voltage power DC switch-disconnectors which are UL listed (UL 489B & UL 489F)​. Up to 1500V 4000A, Susol DC Switch-Disconnector series are suitable for severe inductive DC loads and meets the demands of the increasing power generation in PV and ESS.​


  • Best application for PV/ESS system in UA through UL 489 B & UL 489 F
  • 100% rated witch disconnector (Molded circuit switch)
  • High short circuit withstand capacity : 100kA
  • Physical size for installation and accessories are compatible with existing Susol ACB

Main Specification

  • Ratings : up to DC 1500V 4000A
  • Short circuit withstand current : 100kA
  • Standards : UL 489 B, UL 489


UL 1500V MCCBJune 15, 2021

UL 1500V MCCB_Leaflet_EN_202101_1

catalogdc-component dc-mccb renewable-energy
[DC Relay] CatalogJune 15, 2021

[DC Relay]_Catalog_EN_202109

catalogdc-component dc-relay renewable-energy
[DC MCB]_CatalogJune 15, 2021

[DC MCB]_Catalog_EN_201811

catalogdc-component dc-mcb renewable-energy
[DC Component] for Renewable Energy SolutionJune 15, 2021

[DC Component] for Renewable Energy Solution_Catalog_EN_202106

[DC Compact DSU] 1500V MCCBJune 15, 2021

[DC Compact DSU] up to 1500Vdc_Catalog_EN_201802

catalogdc-component dc-mccb renewable-energy
[DC Compact DSU] UL Switch DiscconectorJune 15, 2021

[DC Compact DSU] UL type_Catalog_EN_202108

catalogdc-component dc-mccb renewable-energy
[DC ACB] CatalogJune 15, 2021

[DC ACB]_Catalog_EN_201909

catalogdc-acb dc-component renewable-energy


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DC UL Switch-Disconnector