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UL 1066 ACB

Premium UL Certified ACB meets your demands for high breaking capacity, full line-up, and optimized panel size. Various accessories and connection methods create a user-friendly handling. Susol ACB provides total solution with an advanced trip relay for measurement, diagnosis, analysis, and communication as well as protective functions for absolute protective coordination and electric power monitoring system.

  • Features
  • Characteristics
● High breaking current 130kA/5000A at AC508V
● Up to 5000A, 3 Frame
● Compact & Simplified size
● Complied with UL1066 (cUL), ANSI C37.13

● High function Trip Relay
   - Protection: L, S, I, G, ZSI, Thermal UVR, OVR, etc

   - Multi-functional Power Meter
   - Power quality 63th harmonics (THD): S type
   - Last fault recording: S type Various accessories (Total 48EA)
   - On/Off button lock/Key lock/Pad lock/safety shutter lock
   - Mechanical interlock/Packing interlock/Door interlock
   - Miss insertion prevent device Temperature alarm, etc.

UL ACB Series
Susol Series
AF 1600AF 3200AF 5000AF
IN[A] 800~1600 800~3200 3200~5000
model UAS-08/16D UAH-08~32E UAH-32~50G

High & reliable
● UAH Type at 508Vac
   - 1600AF : 85kA

   - 3200AF : 100kA
   - 5000AF : 130kA
● Rated Maximum Voltage: 635V
● N-Phase conducting capacity: 100%
● Interchangeable Trip unit and Rating plug