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EMPR – DMP Series

Multi-Protection : against overcurrent, undercurrent, Stall, Lock, phase unbalance, phase reversed Asymmetry, Ground fault, Short circuit Real time processing and high precision by using Micro Controller Unit Display the causes of the fault and the values Prompt A/S by looking the LED panel which displays the causes of the type of fault and values 3 phase digital ampere meter function (Digital meter) Motor load rate(%) and Easy to check the motor load Condition Selectable either the inverse time or definite time characteristics Standard : IEC60947-1, IEC60947-4-1, IEC60947-5-1, UL508, KSC4504 Certification & approval : CE, UL, cUL, Lloyd register, Korea register, KS, ISO 14001, ISO 9001(Including proceedings)

  • Features
  • Characteristics
Function selection
Protect function
Over current Depend on setting time Selectable the inverse/definite
Phase loss Within 3seconds Over 70% of the rate of unbalance
Phase unbalance Within 5seconds Over 50% of the rate of unbalance
Phase reverse Within 0.1seconds Function enable
Stall Within 5seconds Over 180% of the setting current
Lock Within 0.5seconds Setting 200~900% of rated current
Under current Within 3seconds Setting 30~70% of rated current
Ground fault Note) Selectable 0.05~1.0seconds Grounded current setting by dip s/w (100~2500mA)

Note) Lock protection is operated after setting D-time in case of definite time type

Function selection
Function selection
FUNC Sel Description
1. CHA Inv/dEF Operating characteristics setting(Inverse/definite time type)
2. dEF 0~30(S) Setting the operating time(In definite type)
3. r.P oFF/on Phase reverse enable
4. Und oFF/30~70(%) Under current enable and setting
5. g-F oFF/0.05~1.0(S) Ground fault enable and setting
6. Stl oFF/on Stall enable
7. Loc oFF/200~900(%) Lock enable and setting
8. Ct 1~120 CT ratio setting
9. P.F on/oFF Phase fault enable
A. gFd oFF/on Setting delay of ground fault
b. StA 0~120 Operating time setting by month
c. StH 10~730 Operating time setting by hour
d. tAH A000,000.0 Displaying total operating time