Soft Starter

Soft starter is an effective and economical solution that can guarantee stable operation of motor. With LS’s extensive experience and expertise, we provide a way to improve operational effectiveness and minimize energy cost.





  • Easy Operation & Control
  • Motor Protection
  • Built-in bypass
  • Compact Design, Easy to integrate
  • Timed Voltage Ramp System
  • Convenient Status and Trip Check with LED Indicator
    • LV SSC Series (Economic): 200~575Vac 18~200A
    • LV SSM Series (Standard): 200~690Vac 24~1250A
    • LV SSH Series (High Voltage): 2.3~13.8kVac 70~1700A
model Soft
SSCe ~200 A ~575 VAC
SSCi ~200 A ~575 VAC
SSM□ ~1250 A ~690 VAC
SSH ~1700 A ~15kV


SSC Series

Items Specifications
Main Supply Main Voltage (L1, L2, L3)
– SSC□-□□□-V4
– SSC□-□□□-V6
200~440VAC (+10/-15%)
200~575VAC (+10/-15%)
Main Frequency (at start) 45 to 66 Hz
Rated Insulation Voltage 600VAC
Form Designation Bypassed, Semiconductor Motor Starter form 1
Control Voltage
(A1, A2, A3)
SSC□-□□□-□□-C1 110~240VAC (+10%/-15%)
SSC□-□□□-□□-C1 380~440VAC (+10%/-15%)
SSC□-□□□-□□-C2 24VAC/VDC((±20%)
Current Consumption (During Run) < 100mA
Current Consumption (Inrush)
– SSC□-□□□-□□-C1
– SSC□-□□□-□□-C2
Inputs Start (Terminal 01) Normally open (150kΩ@300VAC and 5.6kΩ@24VAC/VDC)
Stop (Terminal 02) Normally Closed (150kΩ@300VAC and 5.6kΩ@24VAC/VDC)
Outputs Main Contactor
(Terminals 13,14)
Normally Open (6A, 30VDC / 6A, 250VAC Resistive)
Programmable Relay
(Terminals 23,24)
Normally Open (6A, 30VDC / 6A, 250VAC Resistive)
Environmental Degree of Protection
SSC□-018 to SSC□-060
Degree of Protection
SSC□-075 to SSC□-200
Operating Temperature -10°C to +60°C
Storage Temperature -25°C~60°C (to +70°C for Less than 24 Hours)
Humidity 5%~95% Relative Humidity
Pollution Degree Pollution Degree 3
Vibration IEC 60068 Test Fc Sinusoidal
4Hz to 13.2Hz : ±1mm Displacement
13.2Hz to 200Hz : ±0.7g
EMC Emission Equipment Class (EMC) Class B
Conducted Radio Frequency Emission 0.15MHz to 0.5MHZ: <56~46dB (uV)
0.5MHz to 5MHz: <46dB (uV)
5MHz to 30MHz: <50dB (uV)
Radiated Radio Frequency Emission 30MHz to 230MHz: <30dB (uV)
EEMC Immunity Electrostatic Discharge 4kV Contact, 8kV are Discharge
Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Field 0.15MHz to 1000MHz: 140dB(uV)
Rated Impulse Withstand Voltage (Fast Transients 5/50ns) 2kV Line to Earth, 1kV Line to Line
Voltage Dip and Short Time Interruption 100ms (at 40% Nominal Voltage)
Harmonics and Distortion IEC 61000-2-4 (Class 3), EN/IEC61800-3
Short Circuit Rated Short-circuit Current SSC□-018 to 060 5KA*
Rated Short-circuit Current SSC□-075 to 200 10KA*
Heat Dissipation During Start 3 watts / Ampere
During Run 10 Watts Typical
Operational Life SSC□-018 to 060 1,000,000 Operations
SSC□-075 to 200 30,000 Operations

SSM Series

Items Specifications
Supply Main Voltage (L1, L2, L3)
– SSM□-□□□B-V5
– SSM□-□□□B-V7
200~525VAC (±10%)
380~690VAC (±10%)
Control Voltage (A1, A2, A3)
– SSM□-□□□B-□□-C1 (A1, A2)
– SSM□-□□□B-□□-C1 (A2, A3)
– SSM□-□□□B-□□-C2 (A1, A2)
110~120VAC (+10%/-15%), 600mA
220~240VAC (+10%/-15%), 600mA
24VAC/VDC((±20%), 2.8A
Main Frequency 50~60Hz (±5Hz)
Rated Insulation Voltage to Earth 600VAC
Rated Impulse Withstand Voltage 6KV
Form Designation Bypassed or Continuous, Semiconductor Motor Starter form 1
Short Circuit
with Semiconductor Fuses
Type 2
Coordination with HRC Fuses Type 1
(Compliant with
EU Directive
EMC Immunity IEC 60947-4-2
EMC Emissions NIEC 60947-4-2 Class B
Inputs Input Rating Active 24VDC, 8mA Approx.
Motor Thermistor (B4, B5) Trip>3.6kΩ, reset<1.6kΩ< /td>
Outputs Relay Outputs
– Main Contactor (33, 34)
– Relay Output A (41, 42, 44)
– Relay Output B (53, 54)
10A@250VAC Resistive, 5A@250VAC AC15 pf 0.3
Normally Open
Normally Open
Analog Output (21, 22)
– Maximum Load
– Accuracy
600Ω (12VDC@20mA)
Environmental Operating Temperature -10°C~60°C, Above 40°C with Derating
Storage Temperature -25~+60°C
Operating Altitude 0~1000m, Above 1000m with Derating
Humidity 5%~95% Relative Humidity
Pollution Degree Pollution Degree 3
Vibration IEC 60068-2-6
– SSM□-0024B ~ 0135B
– SSM□-0184B ~ 1250B
Heat Dissipation During Start 4.5 Watts per Ampere
During Run
– SSM□-0024B ~ 0052B
– SSM□-0064B ~ 0135B
– SSM□-0184B ~ 0250B
– SSM□-0352B ~ 0580B
– SSM□-0835B ~ 1250B
≤ 35 Watts Approx
≤ 50 Watts Approx
≤ 120 Watts Approx
≤ 140 Watts Approx
≤ 180 Watts Approx
Motor Overload Protection Default The Default Settings of Parameters 1D,
1E and 1F Provide Motor Overload
Protection Class 10, Trip Current 105%
of FLA (Full Load Amperage) or Equivalent.
Operational Life Operational Life 100,000 Operations

SSH Series

Panel Rating

Items Specifications
Rated Voltage 3.6kV – 17.5kV
Rated Busbar Current Up to 2000A
Rated short time withstand current / Peak Up to 50kA, 3 sec / 125kA
Internal arc Fault IAC Classification Up to AFLR 50kA, 1 sec
Partition Classification PM /PI
Loss of Service Continuity LSC1 / LSC2 / LSC2B
IP4X protection rating IP4X (IP54 Option)
Altitude < 1000m (without Reduced Capacity)
Ambient Temperature -10℃ – 60℃ (Reduced Capacity when Over 50°C)
Basic Panel Color RAL7035 (Additional Option)

Technical Data

Items Specifications
Motor Voltage 2.3-13.8 kV
Control Voltage 85-264 VAC or 90-350 VDC
Frequency 45/66 Hz (Autotrigger)
Soft Starter Current 70 A – 1700 A
Starting Time (max) 1sec – 30sec (180sec)
Ambient Temperature -10°C ~ 60°C (Reduced Capacity when Exceeding 50°C)
Maximal Altitude 1000m (Reduced Capacity when Exceeding 1000m)
IP (Module type) IP00
IP (Controller) Up to IP54/NEMA12
Overload Capacity Up to 600% for 120sec
PT Type EPT Type
CT Type High-voltage CT (Primary Current Based on the Motor; secondary 1A)
MV/LV Separation 100% Optical Cable Connection
Digital Input 3 Fixed Values (Start, Stop and Reset) 2 Settable Values (A and B)
Relay Output 4 Fixed Values (Line, Bypass, PFC and PAPS) 3 Settable Values (A, B and C)
Analog Output 1 Analog Output (4-20mA)
Fieldbus Communication Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, Profibus, Profinet, DeviceNet, Ethernet/IP, USB, IEC61850


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